Early Language Learning Complexity and Mixed Methods Edited by: Janet Enever, Eva Lindgren

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06 Jul 2017
Multilingual Matters
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This is the first collection of research studies to explore the potential for mixed methods to shed light on foreign or second language learning by young learners in instructed contexts. It brings together recent studies undertaken in Cameroon, China, Croatia, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Tanzania and the UK. Themes include English as an additional language, English as a second or foreign language, French as a modern foreign language, medium of instruction controversies and content and language integrated learning (CLIL). The volume reviews the choice of research methodologies for early language learning research in schools with a particular focus on mixed methods and proposes that in the multidisciplinary context of early language learning this paradigm allows for a more comprehensive understanding of the evidence than other approaches might provide. The collection will be of interest to in-service and trainee teachers of young language learners, graduate students in the field of TESOL and early language learning, teacher educators, researchers and policymakers.


This is an exciting edited volume for graduate students, researchers and decision-makers interested in early language teaching and learning. The chapters present research conducted in 13 countries in Africa, Europe, Asia and Latin America and discuss English and French as a foreign, second and additional language. The studies offer insights into innovative uses of mixed methods to examine literacy development, individual differences and a range of other aspects of early language learning.

- Marianne Nikolov, University of Pécs, Hungary

This illuminating volume focuses attention on an under-researched field, the complex nature of young children's language learning. Reference to longitudinal studies which illustrate the dynamic nature of the learning process and its fluctuations is particularly welcome, as is the novel use of mixed methods research in many different settings worldwide.

- Anne-Marie de Mejía, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia

This book makes a timely and significant contribution to the field of early language learning research. Firstly, it presents a wide range of global studies illuminating critical areas such as factors influencing motivation and learning outcomes at different ages. Secondly, it provides an innovative focus on mixed methods research design enriching the scope and depth of insights into the complex and dynamic nature of young children's language learning and paving the way for future studies in this rapidly expanding field.

- Carol Read, Primary ELT specialist and Former President of IATEFL, Spain

Author Biography:

Janet Enever is Professor of Language Teaching and Learning at Umeå University, Sweden and Visiting Professor at University of Reading, UK. Her research interests include early language learning, language policy, globalisation and language learning, and pre-school language learning.

Eva Lindgren is Associate Professor of Language Teaching and Learning at Umeå University, Sweden. Her research interests include early language learning, literacy, minority/indigenous education and multilingualism.

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