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Investigating Content and Language Integrated Learning Insights from Swedish High Schools

Edited by: Liss Kerstin Sylvén | Paperback | 9781788922401

This book provides a rich and unique longitudinal account of content and language integrated learning (CLIL). The chapters report on the findings from a large-scale, three-year research project undertaken at senior high school level in Sweden.…

Early Instructed Second Language Acquisition Pathways to Competence

Edited by: Joanna Rokita-Jaskow, Melanie Ellis | Paperback | 9781788922494

This book provides a holistic overview of what leads to success in foreign language learning at an early age and deepens our understanding of early foreign language learning. The studies use an array of methodological approaches to research learners aged between three and ten, as well as their parents and teachers, in instructional, mini…

English-Medium Instruction and Pronunciation Exposure and Skills Development

Author: Karin Richter | Hardback | 9781788922456

This book offers new insights into the language gains of adult learners enrolled in an English-medium instruction (EMI) degree programme. It provides longitudinal empirical evidence of the phonological gains of the learners; discusses which individual factors contribute to the changes in the learners’ pronunciation and investigates…

Idiomatic Mastery in a First and Second Language

Author: Monica Karlsson | Hardback | 9781788922364

The comprehension, retention and production of idiomatic expressions is one of the most difficult areas of the lexicon for second language (L2) learners, even very advanced students, to master. This book investigates this under-researched and interesting aspect of language acquisition, shedding light on both conventional uses of idiomati…

Expanding the Linguistic Landscape Linguistic Diversity, Multimodality and the Use of Space as a Semiotic Resource

Edited by: Martin Pütz, Neele Mundt | Paperback | 9781788922142

This book provides a forum for theoretical, methodological and empirical contributions to research on language(s), multimodality and public space, which will advance new ways of understanding the sociocultural, ideological and historical role of communication practices and experienced lives in a globalised world. Linguistic Landscape is …

Growing up with God and Empire A Postcolonial Analysis of ‘Missionary Kid’ Memoirs

Author: Stephanie Vandrick | Paperback | 9781788922319

This book analyzes the memoirs of 42 ‘missionary kids’ – the children of North American Protestant missionaries in countries all over the world during the 20th century. Using a postcolonial lens the book explores ways in which the missionary enterprise was part of, or intersected with, the Western colonial enterpri…

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How to Give Your Child the Best Chance of Learning a Second Language

This month we published Early Instructed Second Language Acquisition edited by Joanna Rokita-Jaśkow and Melanie Ellis. In this post the editors suggest the best ways to teach your child a foreign language. Knowing I am an expert in teaching English to young learners, many parents approach me asking, WHEN is it best to start teaching their child … Continue reading How to Give Your Child the Best Chance of Learning a Second Language

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