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  • Jacket image for Student Engagement in the Language Classroom
  • Jacket image for Peacebuilding in Language Education
  • Jacket image for Interpretations – An Ethnographic Drama
  • Jacket image for Assessing Academic Literacy in a Multilingual Society
  • Jacket image for Complexity Perspectives on Researching Language Learner and Teacher Psychology
  • Jacket image for Cross-Linguistic Transfer of Writing Strategies
  • Jacket image for The Multilingual Adolescent Experience
  • Jacket image for Researching Language in Superdiverse Urban Contexts
  • Jacket image for Language Prescription
  • Jacket image for Directed Motivational Currents and Language Education

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The Space Tourism Industry and Sustainability

We recently published Sustainable Space Tourism by Annette Toivonen. In this post the author explains the background to the book. For generations commercial space exploration was simply a distant dream, only accessible through Hollywood space movies and virtual gaming. Lately the space field has become dominated by the different operations of the new space economy, … Continue reading The Space Tourism Industry and Sustainability

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