Making Language Visible in the University: English for Academic Purposes and Internationalisation

Author: Bee Bond

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This book focuses on the nexus of language, disciplinary content and knowledge communication against the background of the economic, cultural and ideological forces of Higher Education's current push for internationalisation. It suggests the need for a greater synergy between language and content experts and argues that change needs to be implemented through policy rather than on an ad-hoc basis by individual teachers. It is a call to action for English for Academic Purposes practitioners to find a way out of the silo of their own centres and work to assert influence over the wider context in which they work. The book begins and ends in the practice of teaching, with a focus throughout on understanding the barriers and enablers to that practice within a particular context.

This volume scrutinises the role of English for Academic Purposes within the university. Through careful and thought-provoking analysis, it reveals a worrying disconnect, but also provides strategies for closing the gap, to the benefit of all stakeholders. This book can inform EAP practitioners' understanding of the role of their subject and should be required reading for all university administrators.

Diane Pecorari, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Bond proposes a range of targeted and important interventions to help postgraduate international students succeed in English-medium universities. Based on her long experience in the field and her recent detailed research, she provides much-needed insights for both teachers of academic English and disciplinary staff. This book is essential reading for anyone involved in the recruitment, support or teaching of international students at university level.

Ian Bruce, University of Waikato, New Zealand

This book is a timely and thought-provoking study in an area of higher education teaching which is insufficiently researched. It is an insightful, substantial and engaging contribution to our understanding of the international university, the role of language in the curriculum and the issues of identity for EAP practitioners.

Sarah Brewer, University of Reading, UK

This timely publication should be read by everyone who is involved in language teaching, internationalisation and higher education teaching and learning e a deliberately broad recommendation that underlines its achievements [...] Making Language Visible in the University feels throughout like a book written for 'us' with huge potential for an external audience, as opposed to what frequently feels like vice versa. For that alone, Bond is to be praised for
no mean feat.

Journal of English for Academic Purposes 49 (2021)

Bee Bond is Associate Professor of English for Academic Purposes at the University of Leeds, UK. Her research interests include language and policy, English for Academic Purposes curriculum development, international student experiences through language, and content-led academic language teaching.


Introduction: Contextualising the Problem, Defining Terms          

Chapter 1. The Accidental Scholar            

Chapter 2. Tracing a Student Journey: The Stories of Mai and Lin

Chapter 3. The Taught Post-Graduate Curriculum

Chapter 4. Language and the Academic Curriculum

Chapter 5. Language and Academic Norms

Chapter 6. The Place of English for Academic Purposes  

Chapter 7. Language Across the Curriculum         

Chapter 8. Implications

Afterword: The Engaged Scholar               



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