Philosophies of Hospitality and Tourism: Giving and Receiving

Author: Prokopis A. Christou

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This book introduces readers to philosophies of hospitality and tourism. It provides insights into classic philosophical concepts and explains how these can inform the actions of tourism stakeholders, practitioners, hosts and tourists. The volume explores four main areas: the nexus of philosophy with tourism and hospitality; the philosophy of giving in hospitality and tourism; the receiving-end, such as emotional tourist experiences, happiness and overtourism, including the notion of 'gluttony'; and philosophical issues related to tourism development, such as the spirit of places and thanatourism. The discussion of philanthropy within the context of tourism is a strength of the book and will be important in a post-Covid-19 tourism industry. The book will be of interest to students, researchers and practitioners in tourism and hospitality.

This book provides a thoughtful reflection on the domain of receiving and giving behaviours in hospitality and tourism, with ethical implications for the tourism industry. The various chapters, though eclectic, cover a variety of topical issues, adopting at times a positive psychology or tourist misbehaviour lens. This book is a valuable resource for tourism and hospitality researchers and practitioners.

Girish Prayag, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

This book offers a refreshing look at tourism and hospitality, bringing in philosophical terms and insights to inform a wide range of activities and experiences during leisure travel. The area of philosophy and tourism can cover many different subject areas and here the author offers a rich perspective on giving and receiving in tourism, aided by case studies, quotes and illustrations.

Tazim Jamal, Texas A&M University, USA

Christou eloquently escorts the reader through the hallways of philosophy to illuminate the processes of giving and receiving in a thought-provoking way through concepts from Ancient Greece that remain relevant today.

Tourism Geographies, 2021

Prokopis A. Christou is a Lecturer in the Department of Hotel and Tourism Management, Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus. His research interests include the tourist experience and philosophical issues of tourism. 

Introduction: Philosophy and Nexus in Tourism and Hospitality

Chapter 1. Giving Philoxenia: The Concept of Hospitality

Chapter 2. Giving Agape: The Concept of Love

Chapter 3. Giving Philanthropy: Private and Organizational Philanthropy in Tourism and Hospitality

Chapter 4. Receiving Experiences: Tourist Senses and Emotions

Chapter 5. Receiving Happiness: Tourist Well-being and Psychology

Chapter 6. Over-receiving: Unruly Behavior, Gluttony and Overconsumption in Tourism

Chapter 7. Giving and Receiving Places: The Significance and Spirit of Places, and Tourism Development

Chapter 8. Giving and Receiving Places: Spiritual Tourism and Dark Tourism



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